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What We Are All About

Splendid Recordings was founded in 2016 by Matthew Willis. 


It is not a label in the true sense of the word. There are no contracts being signed. No A&R people trying to dictate how the music should sound. No deadlines to meet. There's no one here who wants to profit from the hard work and creativity of talented artists and bands. 


For us, it is all about artists helping other artists to be as successful as possible by their own determined standards. Maintaining strength in numbers. 

We partner with only the most trusted labels and distributors who share the same creative and practical vision to help artists get their music out there. 

Splendid Recordings is an online collective and network that provides our artists and bands a safe haven to showcase and promote their music and art without being taken advantage of by shady management or having a label rip them off. 

The model of this collective is not contingent on turning a profit. We believe that should only be left to the artist or band to control their own livelihood in every way possible. 

We offer this online network for talented bands and artists, bringing them from out of the cold to give their music a home. Every band or artist affiliated with Splendid Recordings is a shareholder and has a fair say in how this collective functions. 

We don't conform or follow any standard record industry practices, business models or traditions. And we never will. 


© 2083 Splendid Recordings

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