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February 29th 2024


RELEASE ALERT!  RE:Active's Realtime Remixes to commemorate the first leap year anniversary of the band's 2020 release.  Click on the album icon to access the tracks.

November 5th 2022


RELEASE ALERT!  Brand new single from Nova Pulsar entitled 'Tus Trampas'. Available NOW on all digital platforms. We couldn't be more honored and prouder to be a part of this journey with Roberto Alvear and Nova Pulsar. Click on the album icon to access the single.


July  30th 2022

We are excited to announce that Nova Pulsar is now part of the Splendid Recordings creative contingent.  We're absolutely honored that our dear friend and veteran musician Roberto Alvear has chosen Splendid Recordings as his homebase alongside us.  For more information on Nova Pulsar, head on over to our artists page or visit the band's official website here: 




September 3rd, 2021


Major Announcement! from RE:Active !!!

Starting Friday, September 3rd, the first 75 pre-orders of “Future’s End (Remixes)” and the first 75 pre-orders of “Escape Velocity (Remixes)” will receive the upcoming CD Maxi-Single for FREE!

The CD Maxi-Singles will be glass master, replicated CDs.

The “Future’s End” CD Maxi-Single will feature the four remixes plus the four tracks from the digital single release from last December for a total of eight tracks (see track listing below).

The “Escape Velocity” CD Maxi-Single will feature the five remixes plus the two tracks from the digital single released last month plus two bonus tracks that will be exclusive to the CD for a total of nine tracks (see track listing below).


Only the first 75 pre-orders of each will receive a CD. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this today!

We are kicking this off today on Bandcamp Friday. 100% of the revenue today will go to cover the cost of the CDs and shipping costs.

Track listing:

Future’s End CD Maxi-Single

Future’s End (2020 RE/vision)

Future’s End (Hand Upon Your Heart by Provision)

Future’s End (Missing In Stars Remix)

Future’s End (JP90 Sonnet XVII Remix)

Future’s End ( Remix)

Future’s End (Extended Version)*

Reality 3.0*

Future’s End (Edit)*

* 2020 Remastered Version

Escape Velocity CD Maxi-Single

Escape Velocity (Single Edit)


Escape Velocity (an eloquent remix)

Escape Velocity (Pacific Deep Remix)

Escape Velocity (Mindmodvl Remix)

Escape Velocity (People Theatre’s Plan Mix)

Escape Velocity (Nova Pulsar’s Higher & Higher Remix)

Escape Velocity (Mindmodvl Radio Edit)*

Escape Velocity (Mindmodvl Instrumental)*

* Bonus Tracks

splendid recordings logo.jpg

July 19th 2021


RELEASE ALERT! In collaboration with Section 44 Records, Splendid recordings and RE:Active bring you the second single from RE:Active's  forthcoming album “futuREvision” entitled 'Escape Velocity' (Single Edit), which will be released on digital music platforms on August 6th along with 'Free' (an exclusive b-side track). 


December 19th 2020

RELEASE ALERT! It gives us great joy to once again team up with RE:Active and Section 44 to bring you 'RE:Active's single Future's End'. Here's the release info:


Future’s End - RE:Active

Four track digital single release

Releases on Dec. 31, 2020 on Bandcamp.

Tracks: Future’s End (2020 RE/vision) Future’s End (Extended Version) Reality 3.0 Future’s End (Edit)


October 19th 2020

Transcendent 7's debut album 'Equilibrium'.  is now available for order via ScentAir Records/Splendid Recordings. Click the picture icon to the left to listen for free & order your copy today!


June 12th 2020

Transcendent 7 will be releasing the first single 'C O N T R O L' off of their upcoming debut album 'Equilibrium'.  The release date has been set for July 10th on all digital media platforms. There is also a music video  planned for release on launch day which will be premiered by a VERY special guest. The album itself is scheduled for release in September via ScentAir Records/Splendid Recordings. 

March 20th 2020

We are now ready to finally announce RE:Active's debut single 'Realtime'  will be

released on March 20th on CD as a collaborative release from Section 44 and Splendid Recordings. Check out the unveiling here!

January 7th 2020

We are excited to announce RE:Active's debut single 'Realtime' [Single Remix] will be

released on February 29th as a collaborative release from Section 44 and Splendid Recordings. While Edgar and Ron are busy working on their forthcoming debut album 'futuREvision', this will give you a taste of what's to come.

January 1st 2020

Happy New Year! We are excited about the launch of Splendid Recordings TV. In 2020, you will see music videos, vlogs, and video updates from us! More details coming soon!! 


December 27th 2019

Our very own RE:Active, Missing in Stars, and Transcendent 7 are all featured on this one! Follow the link below to see how to get your hands on this compilation!! This is just the tip of the iceberg for what we have in store for you going into 2020! For a complete tracklist and release information visit . Pre-order starts on New Years Day!


December 20th 2019


 Missing in Stars - The final scent (fiction 8 remix) and RE:Active's Realtime (extended remix) will be featured on the Electropop 16 compilation from Conzoom Records (Germany). For a complete tracklist and release information visit . Pre-order starts on New Years Day!

December 18th 2019


Transcendent 7 has finished writing  the debut album entitled 'Equilibrium'. It is currently going through the production phase and we'll keep you posted on it's progress. Matt has been out shooting video and editing the footage for the first single, which will be released a few months ahead of the album. You will be hearing some of the new stuff soon. Stay tuned!

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