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Feel free to stream all the tracks in their entirety from the Equilibrium album here. If you enjoy them, you may purchase a digital MP3 download or you can click on the order link below and get it in CD format today! 
EQUILIBRIUM_1-11 (1).png

Transcendent 7 is Matt Willis


TRANSCENDENT 7 — EQUILIBRIUM (SA149) ScentAir Records / Splendid Recordings

Equilibrium is the culmination of classic and modern synthpop that creatively and skillfully displays the influence of electronic subgenres such as synthwave, industrial rock, new wave, darkpop and avante garde atmospheres that interact and form it’s own unique entity. When you pair this melting pot of musings with catchy hooks and melodies with skillfully written lyrics that reveal Willis’s human vulnerability, tragedy, survival, clever observations, and personal experiences; you begin draw the parallels to your own travels throughout life.
The theme of Equilibrium points to a coming-of-age of an artist who has spent many years sharing the stage with some of the most celebrated musicians. Transcendent 7 now proudly stands on it’s own merits without forgetting where it came from as it pushes straight ahead.

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While you're here, check out the music video for 'C O N T R O L' premiered by Sirius XM's Richard Blade! 

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